Guys i need your advice for my new desktop PC.

Supp guys.

This is my first post here but i saw a lot questions here and they helped me a bit so i was thinking to make my own.

So i'm building my new gaming pc(lol,fortnight soft games i think) and something bothers me REALLY bad.

I buy a 600Watts power supply and a surge protector that has a "master" and i think the other are slaves,i don't know how it works yet.The master can hold max 550Watts. Here comes the questions:

1)There's a problem that my Power supplier is 600W and the surge protector can hold max 550W?

2)This brings me to the next point which is,if my pc needs 200~400W and surge protector can hold up to 550 then the surge protector is fine? What i mean is,my Power supplier will be drawing as much the pc needs (for example 200~400W) or it will be drawing 600W that it's his max and my surge protector that can hold 550W will burn or even worse will happen? This is my build,i took a test to see the Watts it consumes you can zoom once for better quality though ^ ^ .

Excuse me if my text was misunderstood,i hope all was clear Thanks a lot!.
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  1. Those components will run less than 200w under a gaming load , fully stressed I doubt they would actually reach 200w max anyway.

    Assuming your psu is bronze rated & minimum 80% efficient thats a max draw of 240w or so from the ups/surge protector

    So yeah, absolutely well in spec with plenty of overhead on the power side.

    You are all good
  2. Ye my power supply is an EVGA 600W bronze.So the PSU draws only as much power as the PC needs right?Because my surge protector has a master that supports max 550W and if my PSU draws 600W rip..I'm super noob with this concept and it bothers me really bad.If they didn't gave for sending should i change it with a 550W power supplier or it's not necessary?Thanks a lot!.
  3. You're absolutely fine.the evga 600w will draw only the power your system needs.

    Its a budget psu but generally around 85% efficient under 300w loads.

    With your system specs it will NEVER touch even close to a 300w draw from the surge protector.

    You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  4. Out of interest what the model of surge protector ??

    Ive never seen one with a master socket that is that low specced is all.

    Most run 1.2kw minimum.
  5. Thanks a lot dude, i appreciate it!.
  6. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  7. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  8. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  9. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  10. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  11. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  12. This is the Power supplier that i get.
  13. This is the power supplier that i ordered.
  14. Holy fk i spammed this many times sorry :P.Also i was wrong about the bronze type,it says white..It's that good?
  15. Also this power supply is 80+? Why it say 80+ (100-W1-0600-K2) o.O. Thanks.
  16. Holy you were saying about the surge protector. Here it is (Its Europe version) i hope you have translate in your chrome.

    Edit: it says 3500W but i think this is for the whole thing?I'm such a noob LOL :D.
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