Which motherboard should I buy?

Hey guys this is my current build

I have everything but a mobo which do you guys think I should go with I would like to oc Aswell. I was sold on the aorus gaming 7 but o want your opinions thanks.
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  1. Anyone ? Seems like I’ll go with the Maximus x hero
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    I don't see any reason to spend more than this on a motherboard. I have used this board 2 times with no problems.

    On a side note that case is not worth 170 bucks.
  3. my vote is for the
    and I agree, what so special for that case to be even over 90$ worth, look at the NXZT S340
  4. I already own that coolermaster case from my first build.

    Btw does the extreme 4 have m.2 heatsink and is that a big issue.
  5. the extreme 4 has 2 like the asus board, why is it important.... future expansion when you want a MUCH faster SSD drive.
    ie stat run 550mb/s the M.2 drive run close to 2000MB/s depending on the model you have (average 1500MD/s)
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