Windows 8.1 Black Screen after login with mouse cursor

I have a Lenovo S21e laptop.
Windows 8.1
(It has built in battery)
After I shut it down last night, next morning I opened it up and there was only a black screen and my mouse cursor..

Before I shut it down I tried opening "Change PC settings". At first I thought it will be fixed after reboot but when I turned it on that problem happened...

I searched for some fix on the internet but nothing worked out.. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del key > Task Manager ... while I am searching in the internet suddenly my desktop appears the black screen was gone but I don't have network access, I couldn't go to PC Settings.. when I restarted it I experience the same problem again....

If there's any fix you can share.. please do.. I do really need to use my laptop this coming days..
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  1. Also I tried booting into safe mode but still the same problem.. but after a while my desktop loads...
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