Startup repair issue - Potential SSD fail?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help as I have a weird issue happening on my brothers PC.

Everything was fine until last week when startup repair prompted there was an issue and repair needed to run. So it was and the computer ran fine. Next day the same thing happened, repair ran and then everything was fine, and this happened for the next week, about 6 times. I ran a chkdsk on C:/ an it got to 7% then stopped saying theres an error and cant continue. so I ran chkdsk c: r/ f/ and it went through the motions, loaded up fine after a black screen for about 30 minutes and and it was still there upon the repair restart.
I tried Samsung magician to see any drive info but it came up blank - ie no interface info no achi mode nothing - only the trim status came up - strangely though it recognised it was a samsung SSD but that it wasnt supported, plus drive manager recognises the drive and says its working properly.

So the issues are the following;
My brother is on the other side of the country - and I have to do all this via teamviewer. otherwise I would have taken the SSD and tested it on my machine.
He isn't super great with computers, I can walk him through things and can maybe skype via phone to solve any other niggles.
Money is in short supply so cant afford another SSD, let alone another machine (which is why he's still rocking a Q6600)

I wanted to see if it is a software issue and if theres any work around before I try a clean install, as replacing the SSD is a last resort due to a lack of funds.

System specs are
Windows 7 pro
core2 quad q6600
Asus p5nsli motherboard (the one with the SLI / Crossfire module you plug in depending on the GPU setup)
Samsung 850 evo 250g SSD (potential culprit)
4gig of DDR2 memory - Cant remember the brand but pretty sure its basic
2 x radeon 4850s in crossfire
corsair HX750 PSU
2 x spinny mechanical drives

A couple of other things that may not be of use is that the 2nd card isn't working (device manager recognised a problem) so perhaps having the SLI / Crossfire connector in crossfire mode is causing an issue? Unless it is purely for the electrical lanes to connect and nothing more(which I think it is)
Plus this isnt the first time this machine has had a startup issue (first one caused windows to fail completely and I had to do a full system wipe to start fresh - hence adding an SSD)

Any one with any tricks, tips or fancy shenanigans to fix this issue would be greatly welcomed, and appreciated.

I may have missed a couple of things here an there but please feel free to ask if I have and I will try rectify ASAP.

Thanking you all in advance as usual...
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    SSD failure is not a issue, unless the SSD was used or it was very old. SSD's don't fail often, The flash cells can be rewritten up-to millions of cycles, and if it would have failed then you will not be able to access it.

    Seems like a software problem to me. I recommend you to install a fresh copy of windows 7
    You can download ISO image of windows 7 and make a bootable usb drive with it to install windows.

    Thanks for reading my answer, hope it helps (sorry for my bad english)
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