Is it bad to keep pc components in bubble wrapper?

I have my graphics card in this bubble wrapper bag that is the same size as the graphics card and i was wondering if it's bad for it or could cause some static.
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  1. Cant see this being an issue. Iv always kept spare components chucked in a drawer or box with nothing round them at all and never had a problem.
  2. 1 thing I can think of is that those bubble wrap degraded and gets really sticky over time, they u might have some issue cleaning them off the components.
  3. I've done both bubble wrap as well as what Chris201262 does. Either way highly unlikely to be an issue.
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    No static worries and pertaining to the above comment about degrading or getting sticky, if it's stored out of light and in a cool dry area, it can stay in there indefinitely. Of course the best solution is storing components in their original anti-static foil wrapper from the factory. This is why I always keep my packaging materials including original box for my hardware. Drives my wife nuts, but she knows how anal I am about it. Also helps with resale value having original packaging should you want to sell your unused hardware. I've done plenty of it with success on Craig's List.
  5. Thank you everyone for your answers! i can be in peace now
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