My computer is weird [SOLVED]

Guys my computer have some weird problem, when i restart my computer or shutdown and turn it on again it keep on turning on and off for about 2-3 times and Gigabyte boot page just pop up and go to windows normally. how to fix this problem, let it boot properly

pc spec
i7 3770
Gigabyte H77m-d3h
Gigabyte gtx 1050ti

leave you suggestion guys
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  1. Please post make & model of PSU (this should have been included in your PC specs).
  2. xfx tx 600w
  3. actually i fix it i just take cmos battery out and replace with new one but i check the battery it just 2.8v it might be that i have to reset the bios
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    BIOS will automatically reset itself when you change the CMOS battery - - - it resets itself to factory defaults, so any custom changes you made previously in the BIOS settings will have to be set up again.
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