Weird issue with download speed.

Ok so I got a weird issue going on here, even I can't figure it out.

When I am downloading an update, for any video game, whether it be overwatch, fortnite, PUBG, get the picture..the Download speed will spike. It will go from anywhere from 4-15mbps and stay there for x amount of period then all of a sudden drop to 00.00mbps. Then randomly Spike to 15mbps for x amount til it drops again for 00.00mbps.

Any idea whats causing this? I have hard reset my router, switched the coaxial cable. Unplugged the router, all of it. Nothing seems to work. And its annoying because it takes x5 times longer to download any patch for any game.
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  1. I have been suffering the similar problem downloading games to Steam, and some other large non game software. tried resetting the router etc. No joy and I can't find out why. I am thinking it may have something to do with Win 10, but can't test that until I get a Win 7 machine back.
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