Weird graphic bugs in games (1050 ti graphic card)

Don't know why but i get a weird bug in games, most of the times in fortnite and world of tanks.
It is like there are black walls appearing and the only problem is that i cant see cuz of them. I've tryed to fully reinstall my driver, but it still occurs. (i've never overclocked it)
My spec:
Graphic card - 1050 ti Nvidia
CPU - i7-7700k
Ram - 8GB 2400 Mhz
Motherboard - H110M-R
Consider only left screen.
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  1. GRAPHICS Driver problems
    Download the latest drivers for your GPU place them on your desktop get Display Driver Uninstaller from here
    remove everything after restarting it will probably be 640x480 not great instal your AMD/NVIDIA drivers and hopefully should fix your problem
  2. Check to see if everything is connected properly. Make sure drivers are up to date of that doesn't work contact manufacturer of card.
  3. I've already deleted the driver with Display driver uninstaller and installed the latest driver and still it does that.
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