Which b350 motherboard and ram to buy

So yep that is my question

My build plan
Msi gtx 970 4g (I brought this for 150)
Ryzen 5 1600 (140 pounds)
8gb ram (90 pounds
B350 motherboard (75)
Kingston ssd (30)
Bitfenix nova TG (50)

So my whole budget without GPU is around 400 pounds a little bit less
I wanted to buy 8 gb 3000mhz ram 2x4 for 92 amazon just unsure if it will work on the motherboards as I've read there might be issues. There might be already a bios solution to this

I will be doing gaming and some game recording perhaps streaming I will be playing AAA titles

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  1. Best b350 board is pbbly Asus Strix, if you are budget constraint I would say go for gigabyte gaming or asrock pro 4.
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    For memory, just make sure you upgrade to the last bios, they should be pretty stable by now.
  3. Us msi m350 mate good choice
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