What should i upgrade first CPU or GPU?

I currently have the following specs in my pc

CPU- I5-2400
GPU- gtx 1050 2GB
RAM-8gb 1333mhz

Im not sure what to upgrade first im looking at a coffee lake i5/i7 and a gtx 1060/1070
i mainly use my pc for gaming
thank you guys!!
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  1. Upgrading to a Coffee Lake platform will mean a whole new motherboard, CPU, RAM, and possibly O.S.
    Obviously upgrading to just the GTX 1060 would be the most cost-effective way to improve gaming if that is your goal. And possibly find a used i5-2500K if your system allows for OC'ing.

    The new platform would be the best way to go for the future, tho.
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    Seeing how current-gen GPUs are a couple years old, I'd go with a new CPU/Mobo/RAM and get a GPU later in the year when next-gen is out.
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