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I just upgraded my CPU, mobo, and graphics card about a month ago and ever since my games have been crashing within minutes or even quite a bit after playing. There are no warnings and no messages even saying that some games crash, for example, PUBG gives a crash report but Fallout 4 does not. I tried verifying the integrity of the game files, that didn't work I tried monitoring my hardware while the games were running and they aren't overheating or overworking themselves, for Fallout 4 I even tried lowering the setting to the lowest possible and still crashes after a few moments of gameplay. Please help me.


Cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Gpu: NVIDIA Geoforce GTX 1060 6gb
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  1. Did you do a clean install of Windows after the upgrade? Are all drivers up to date? Any other peripherals you have connected?
  2. psu make and model?
  3. Hi,

    Check your XMP Settings in the BIOS if they are enabled. For me, disabling the XMP profile fixed it. You only need to find a solution then to get the ram running at optimal speeds.
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