CPU vs GPU in gaming: which is more important?

Which is more important in gaming? CPU or GPU
Hence, which should I go for?
A laptop with core i7-770HQ with Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
A laptop with core i5-8300H with Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB

This is primarily for gaming but also for Medium high Graphics work.
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  1. both are important,i mean it should be balance system
    i f i would choose i prefer to the i7
  2. Both cpus are pretty similar - 4core/8thread (btw it's i7-7700HQ, not i7-770HQ). Main difference being turboboost 3.8Ghz vs 4Ghz.
    Go with better gpu - gtx 1050 ti.
  3. For gaming both are important because some games are CPU bound and others are GPU bound so it depends on the game you are playing. Since tastes change and so do our current game being played it is best for a gaming rig to have both a powerful CPU and GPU.

    I personally agree with SkyNetRising's assessment of your situation.
  4. As for all pc/laptop spec questions, it depends on what will you do with that.

    Gaming has lots of sub genres that can depend on GPU, CPU, even RAM.

    Current trend , because nearly all of the games emphasis more on graphics, makes GPU more defining part. In laptops, putting a higher end cpu is most of the time easier than putting a high and GPU inside of it , so a better GPU becomes harder to find.

    Select one of your favorite games search benchmarks see for yourself.

    There is no clear answer.
  5. GPU is more important as it allows for smoother gameplay however you obviously won't be able to play at all without a CPU. Definitely go for the first laptop, as it has an i7 core and a 1050 Ti which is considerably better.
  6. I think laptop makers should start making laptops with i5s and more powerful GPUs, like the 1080s. For some reason the only CPUs I see paired with a 1080 in a gaming laptop have at least 6 cores, or their base name ends with a 7.
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    GPU will always give you the biggest boost in performance. Period.

    There are a few games that are CPU heavy and might give you poor performance if you don't have a fast enough CPU. For a laptop, overclocking is hard or not recommended, so look for a CPU that already has it's core clock pretty high. AND even on these games, having a better CPU won't give you as much fps than a better GPU that's bottlenecked by the CPU.

    BUT in your case, the difference is pretty small on the GPU, it's not really a big difference. If it were a 1060 on the second laptop I'd say the second, definitely, but in this case the first laptop is the easy choice.

    And just to make sure, you need to know you won't game at maximum 1080p on either laptop. You'd need a 1060 GTX at least and even then you might have to downgrade 1-2 options in some games.
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