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Hello there recently I have been searching for ssd's, But they are quite costly for example a new 120gb ssd is the same price as a new 1TB hard drive. The issue is I want to speed up a bunch of my computers with a fresh ssd but I dont want to feel as If I am going into bankruptcy. So if you can find a place in the "UK" that sells ssd's very cheaply I would be very appreciative!

thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes SSD's are expensive.
    We all want to have cheap ones, but they are not.
    Try and negotiate a deal from someone if you are ordering lots.
  2. Speed comes at a price. If you dont want to pay the premium for speed, stick with what you got. There is no magical cheap SSD source, the prices you see are the cheapest theyve been.
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    *Some motherboards support caching. You basically just add a small SSD which will work with the Windows HDD as a cache. Frequently accessed stuff is copied then accessed from the SSD.

    HYBRID drives often only have 8GB of SSD cache onboard (SSHD) yet the boot files and again frequently accessed files fill that up so it makes a big difference for boot and basic desktop use.

    Partial mobo list (chipset):
    Intel® 6 Series Chipset: Z68, HM67, QM67 Intel® 7 Series Chipset: H77, Q77, Z77, HM77, QS77, UM77 Intel® 8 Series Chipset: H87, Q87, Z87, HM87, QM87, Premium Intel® 9 Series Chipset: H97, Z97

    Its Intel SRT

    *But having said all that a cheap SSD is only about $25pounds

    Why the hell are 30GB SSD's the same are more money than a 120GB SSD? Makes the Intel SRT thing pointless unless you can find a cheap 64GB or less SSD used for like ten pnds.
  4. Thanks guys!
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