Can I use a 250G SSD as a boot drive and have 4 1TB HDDs running in RAID1+0?

I currently have a WD 250G SSD as my OS boot drive and I want to leave that as is. I am currently running 2 1TB WD HDDs, want to add 2 additional 1TB WD HDDS and run in a RAID 1+0 array. Is that possible, or do I need to add an additional 250G SSD also? This is the start of an VR capable build.

If I do need to add a 250G SSD, does it matter that the current WD 250G SSD is a 3D NAND and the one I have is not?

Here is my Rig:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA Z97-UD3,
RAM: 24G of DDR3,
GPU: GeForce Nvidia GTX1060,
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 Haswell Quad-Core.

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    The MB's RAID supports RAID 10, so, i guess as long as it will also support a single additional drive not involved in the RAID, .....maybe!
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    You don't need a second SSD.

    The boot drive does not have to be part of your RAID disk.

    Why do you need raid 10?

    Have you considered running two disks in your PC as raid 0 (stripe) and another one 2TB+ disk to put in an external USB enclosure (or NAS box) to be used as a backup for your main disk.

    The advantage is that you can keep your backup in another room or offsite.

    The disadvantage is that you have to remember to do your backups.

    Remember that RAID is no substitute for backup.

    Also stay away from RAID 5
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