Difference between 2400MHz & 2666MHz

So, i have a Ryzen 5 1400 & X370 SLI Plus Motherboard. So will be there high difference in gaming between 2400MHz & 2666MHz? 2666 costs little bit more than 2400 and i can't decide which should i take
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  1. No, the difference in gaming is negligible, but if the cost is negligible as well, extra RAM speed is recommended as Ryzen CPUs tend to benefit from this.
  2. Get the fastest RAM you can afford and the motherboard supports. The "infinity fabric" in the Ryzen CPU's scales with RAM speed.
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    Is your motherboard from MSI?

    Sometimes 3200MHz and 2666MHz is at the same price,402666,402800,402933,403200,403300,403333,403400,403466,403600,403666&Z=16384002&sort=price&t=14

    Be sure the RAM is on the QVL list of the motherboard (compatibility list) , also if it runs at the promised speed and not slower
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