Asus Mobo no go - error A2

I have seen this a few places but the thread always seems to peter out with out a solution. I suspect the CPU or Mobo.
Asus z97-pro wifi
I honestly don't remember the CPU or the ram, as I bought the parts used and have not used it enough in the past 4 months for it to stick.
But it was working fine. I had it plugged into the TV, then unplugged it and let it sit for a couple weeks. Today I finished renovating the office, so I set it up and tried to boot and...
Usual beep. Then A2 error and... Nothing. No signal to monitor.
I have taken everything out, put it all back in, booted with 1 stick ram, no stick, 2 stick. GPU, no GPU, HD, no HD.
So now it just comes on, lights flash and then the LED boot light stays on.
And no, I can't change the bios, I can't even get a signal on the screen.
Anything I can do to check without having a second CPU or Mobo?
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