still having PC issues Freezing Bios and Startup repair

i just replaced the motherboard yesterday and it was working just fine along with ll the other components i left the machine running so that i could re-download some games and turned off the monitors. when i turned it back on there was no signal witch i thought was odd so i re-booted my PC when it booted it gave me Kernal security check failure, than gave me IRQL not less or equal. i also replaced my old SSD with a new one. I don't know what to do anymore..
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  1. Did you reinstall OS?
  2. im doing that right now actually it unfroze itself. i just don't know what the problem is... Im thinking of buying extra ram and an extra low grade GPU just to try to figure this out
  3. Probably incompatible drivers from old windows installation.

    Did you change your motherboard to a different model? Why did you need to change it?
  4. i went from to ASUS Prime B350-Plus to a MSI X470GPLUS. due to my old mobo failing on me i had no other option than to replace it.
  5. now my PC isn't giving a signal at all. this is very odd.
  6. Is there any way for you to boot into Safemode or access command prompt?

    What's the status? Can you walk us through what happens when you press the power button?

    Any beeps? If not, do you have a motherboard BIOS speaker or indicator lights?
    Are these symptoms similar to the symptoms that lead you to replacing your motherboard in the first place?
  7. it allowed me to re-install windows a 3rd time after i let it sit for a while.
    when it dosen't function properly here is what happens. one of 3 main issues: 1. it will show no signal 2. for some reason it tries to auto repair itself then freezes 3. if it is able to boot it will have 2 consistant BSOD and 1 new one i found. the 2 consistant BSOD are (IRQL not less or equal, Kernal security check failure) the new BSOD that i encountered is called System Thread exception not handled.
    as for and bios indicators the the LED's for CPU and GPU light up when theres an error than they turn off after a reboot.

    these issues are similar to when i had my old motherboard.
  8. also as im using the PC it just now froze as i am installing the new drivers, this might make me do the full circle again.
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    Can you try booting into Safe Mode? I'm wondering if a driver issue might be de-railing your PC. If it boots successfully (in safe mode), that might give you a chance to install the manufacturer's drivers for your devices instead of the generic Windows drivers.

    Does changing the configuration of RAM sticks help any? Do you know if you might have bad memory? Might be worth trying Memtest 86+.

    If you can boot to safemode, you might want to try the command prompt: chkdsk /r
    Seems unlikely, but maybe the issue could be related to bad sectors on your hard drive corrupting your Windows install
  10. thanks for everyone's help i was able to solve the issue
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