Computer is receiving power but nothing happens when I press the power button

Recently there was a thunderstorm in my area. The day before I was on my computer and it was working. I left it on and the power went out a little while after the storm started. I though it would be no big deal because I've never had any issues with surges in my house and it's hooked up to a good quality surge protector. There was a pretty bad looking surge while the power was out, the lighted flicked on very brightly and very quickly. A few day after the storm I try to turn on my PC and nothing happens.

Nothing happened to anything else in my house, most of which is just hooked up to those ancient beige power strips or nothing at all. I tried to narrow down the problem by using the power supply from my sister's computer (which works fine and it's hooked up to one of the beige strips) and the problem still occured. The orange SB_PWR light is lit on the motherboard and even the small white light on my Asus RX580 Strix. I tried disconnecting as much as possible from the mobo and then booting, all that was connected was the CPU, RAM, and PSU. Tried powering up using the short with a screw driver method and it didn't work. I cleared CMOS, nothing.

I'm just not sure if there's a simple fix and if not, do I need to replace the Mobo or CPUT. If someone could help that'd be great because power surges are not covered by warranty so I hope there's a cheaper solution than buying a new mobo/cpu.

MOBO: Asus B350-F
CPU: Ryzen 3 1200
GPU: Asus RX 580 Strix
PSU: EVGA Supernova 750 B1
RAM: 1 x HyperX Fury DDR4 8GB
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  1. Don't remove your GPU while breadboarding the PC(when you remove everythign except CPU and RAM).

    In the breadboarding, you need the following:

    CPU, RAM, GPU and PSU. You need the GPU because your CPU has no iGPU, and GPU initialization is a part of pre-boot checks.
  2. It sounds like you understand how the motherboard and a computer works in general.
    You have literally done everything to get it back up.
    Check what your Warranty is on the mobo, if its still in don't tell them there was a storm probably be void.
    As for your surge protector, no matter what you use, if there is a storm, do as I do, physically unplug it.
  3. Thanks for the help, and sorry for not responding, my email notifications got turned off somehow...

    I have tried breadboarding it with the GPU, but it didn't fix it so I removed it, but thanks.

    So, I probably will end up sending it in. I usually do unplug it and I did after the surge. I'm moving in a few days so I'm going to wait until then to send it in so if anyone has any ideas they'd be greatly appreciated.
  4. Something I just noticed is that after not having any power to the computer, then switching on the PSU, the SB_PWR light comes on. But then, when I hit the power button a white led lights up on the GPU. That means the power button must be doing something. I just don't know at what point the startup gets stopped. And now I'm not sure if it the motherboard or could it be the CPU? I'm planning on upgrading the CPU in the future anyways so maybe just do it now instead and see if that fixes it? If not send the board in and I end up with an upgraded system? Or is there a chance that the new CPU could be fried or something? If someone could answer my many questions that'd be awesome!
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