Nothing happens when I press the power button.

Today I upgraded my Mobo ram and cpu to a ASRock z260 i5 7600 and 16g of ddr4. When I installed everything today I press the power button and nothing happens . The mbo LEDs light up but there is no attempt to power on when I press the power perhaps a very slight twitch in the PSU fan but other than that nothing.

Things I've tried.

Unplugging gpu and booting
Testing psu with paperclip.
Attempting to boot Mobo with screwdriver unsuccessfully.

I'm worried that somehow the cpu is bad? Or the Mobo DOA but I've read that it would at least attempt to show some power. Did I plug something in wrong? I've checked and recheck the power/reset buttons and assumed the screwdriver would show if the connecotrs were bad.

Any helps or more info you need let me know thanks.

I have 2 SSDs. A GTX 970 and the PSU is 700w.
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  1. Check every connection from your PSU especially the 24 pin and 4/8 CPU pin. Reseat your CPU, RAM, and GPU and ensure the CPU socket is free of bent pins.
  2. What is the best way for me to check for bent pins on the cpu. I have reseated all of them. My first thought was I installed the cpu wrong so I reseated and re-pasted. However I was unsure what I shod be looking for when I checked the underside. I'll check all th connections again to just to double-check
  3. When the CPU is out of the socket just look for any pins in there that are bent out of shape
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