Help! Laptop Suggestion Needed.

So I was looking for a budget gaming laptop, I am from the Philippines so there's not a lot to choose from. I have 3 laptops in my list and their respective prices, I need your suggestion from what to pick based on their value, quality, cooling, etc... TIA

ASUS FX503VM-E4050T 67986php (1273.41 USD)
CPU: i5 7300HQ 2.50-3.50GHZ (Kabylake)
GPU: 1060 6GB
Panel: IPS
HD: 1TB+8gbSSHD + 128SSD M.2
Battery: 64WHRS
Weight: 2.5kg

DELL 7577 - 73990 php (1385.87 USD)
CPU: i7 7700HQ (Kabylake)
GPU: 1050Ti 4GB
Panel: IPS
HD: 1TB + 128SSD
Battery: 56 WHRS
Weight: 2.85kg

DELL G7 58,990php (1104.91 USD)
CPU: i5-8300H 2.30-4GHZ (Coffeelake)
GPU: 1050 4GB
Panel: IPS
Battery: 56 WHRS
Weight: 2.63kg
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    I would take the ASUS. It has a much better GPU of the bunch and comes with a SSD. While the other laptops have a better CPU, the CPU is not nearly as important for gaming as the GPU.
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