VGA adapter works with integrated graphics but not with GPU

Hi, so I bought a VGA adapter that works fine with a TV Deco Box and also works with the integrated graphics via HDMI just fine but using it with a GPU (GT 1030) through the HDMI output won't work at all. I have seen the active and passive debate but if that's the problem why does it work with integrated graphics?
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    the difference is that you mobo still has an analog output that your passive adapter can handle. the 1030 has done away with the analog and only outputs a digital signal. the active adapter will change the digital signal from the 1030 to the analog one that the vga input needs.

    that's why you need an active adapter vs a passive one for the newest gen gpu's. you have to "actively" change the digital signal to an analog one. passive adapters only carry the signal it is given and only changes the connection type for you.
  2. I agree, 1000 series completley removed Analog support.
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