My motherboard died, planning to upgrade, which setup should I buy?

I have planned to upgrade my PC when RAM prices fall but my motherboard died on me so I am planning (or more likely forced) to upgrade now buying stuff from other people (used,unused).
My current setup is:

The 500€ setup:

The 350€ setup:

the cheapest I have found a 1155 socket working motherboard was ~70€.
Though there is a minor chance that it is not my motherboard but my CPU since I only tested if it is or not the: ram,ssd,hdd,battery,psu... also tried reseting bios but nothing...
but it is unlikely because the PC boots up with black screen, then restarts 3 times, then stuck at the Gigabyte logo screen with options to go to BIOS do Q-flash or system info but it doesn't respond to any keypresses by any keyboard
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    get the 500 build as it give you more headroom for the future
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