Audio jacks stopped working suddenly

I have windows 8.1, with motherboard Gigabyte H81M-S and realtek audio drivers.

I was using my headphones and suddenly they started making noise like really old speakers that just buzz. I reconnected my audio jacks in front and back panels, realtek was able to detect the change but didn't play any audio. So I rebooted couple of times and it stopped detecting audio jacks completely.

So I thought I would reinstall drivers from DVD but no use. I downloaded latest drivers from the site but no luck either. So I plugged my headphones in my Display and it worked when I set the playback device as my display.

I tried creating a bootable image of Linux flavor and live booted it. It also failed to play audio from the front panel and played audio successfully from Display. I did change playback devices accordingly.

Any guesses what could be happening? My friend over phone says it can't be motherboard failure. If it doesn't gets fixed, I don't want to get new Motherboard, what are my alternate options? As my display doesn't support mic.
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  1. When you say you reconnected the audio jacks....did you reconnect them at the MB and at the jacks? I would do this again.....and I would go very slow.

    Once I did this....I would boot....leave the PC open and if it still made the noise I would move the cables and the jacks around to see if I could effect the noise.

    It may be a cable or connection issue.
  2. what are my alternate options? get a sound card
  3. check the realtek panel when you plug in the mic and headphones how they are detect and play with advance settings in it other option is to get a sound card .
  4. Well usually if I connect audio jack in front or back panel, realtek is able to detect them. Not anymore. I tried different headphones as well. Moving the inserted jack a bit didn't do anything either.

    I tried 'disable front panel detection' but no use.
  5. did you try to reinstall the realtek audio pane and if does not work you will need a audio sound card .
  6. Ya tried that. I think I will have to get sound card. Never thought I will need one, are cheap ones enough? I plan to occasionally record tutorials.
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