GTX 1070 for 1080p 144Hz?

Hey everyone, I'm trying to pick components for my second pc build and right now I'm thinking about getting an i5-8400, a GTX 1070, and 16Gb of ram.

I've seen a lot of conflicting information about what components to use. Some people say that the i5 line is a bottelneck to the gtx 1070, while some say that the 1070 is not good enough for 144fps gaming.

The main game that I plan to play is Battlefield 1 (and Battlefield 5 when it comes out). Will the i5 8400 and GTX 1070 be able to handle 1080p 144hz on ultra/high settings? What about medium/high?

I want to stick to a price of around 1000 dollars.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I intend to overclock my graphics card.
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  1. Yes, the GTX 1070 will handle 1080p.
  2. 1070 at 1080p should get 70-100 FPS on average with i5 CPUs (i.e. the average of the slow ones and the fast ones). It also depends on RAM speed, GPU clock speed, drivers, game settings (although FPS averages I mentioned were supposedly max).

    At 1080p, there's really no need to go beyond a 1070* (or a 1060 6GB for many games), and while disabling or turning down one or two of the more demanding settings might help, if you can stretch your budget, the faster 8600K will lift the FPS too.

    Suggest you watch this - (especially at 6:30)

    *unless you demand 144 FPS gaming, which is a target, rather than a perfect result.
  3. I probably won't get my parts until Christmas. Would it be better to just go up to an it 8600?

    It would be much more expensive to go for an 8600k and a z370 mobo, but I might be able to support it.

    Rumors state that the RTX 2070 should be out by christmas, would I see better performance with a 2070 paired with the 8400 compared to a 1070?
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