I5-3570k 105ºC under load on water cooling HELP!!

Hey everybody, this is my first post to try and stick with me :) . I recently built my first pc, equipped with an Asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo, 8gb g skill ripjaws ram, ocz 32gb ssd, EVGA gtx 660ti, i5-3570k cpu (overclocked to 4.2 stock voltage), and a corsair h80 cooler. I noticed that under load (prime95), the temps get all the way up to 105 celsius, and the cpu starts to downclock itself (according to Cpu-z). This worries me, as I have never heard of temps this high on water cooling and with such a moderate overclock. I used arctic silver 5 as my thermal paste, got Antec fans to replace the stock fans that came with the cooler. even under load the air coming out of the radiator is cold, very cold. Did I do something wrong with installing anything?
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  1. is your CPU block from the H80 sitting properly and making full contact with the CPU ?

    good luck
  2. 1) water block not in good contact 2) water not flowing-pump broken-loop constriction 3) radiator clogged
  3. When you installed... Did you wipe off the thermal paste that was on the water block? Did you clean the CPU from the residual thermal paste from the previous coolers installation (if there was one?).

    All of this is important. If you're reaching 105C, that CPU is frying! So you've either got too much or too little paste on that cooling block or that block isn't secured to the CPU.

    I suggest you pull it off. Clean the CPU with isopropyl alcohol and a coffee filter, let dry, apply a little thermal paste and bolt it on. Pull the block off again and see if the amount of thermal paste you applied was sufficient and not too much. I try to get 95%-100% coverage with no runoff or very little runoff on the sides of the block/CPU. You don't need very much, and it should result in a paper thin layer across the CPU.

    Try it until you get it right. Thermal paste costs ~$10 a tube where that CPU is more than $200. Clean it off after each attempt with the alcohol and coffee filter until you get it right. Once you have a good amount where you know you'll have the proper coverage, install that thing permanently and bolt it down without pulling the block off the CPU after making the first contact. If you pull the block off the CPU and put it right back on, you'll just cause even more trouble. So once you have contact between the CPU, thermal paste, and block; you have to bolt it down.

    Hope this helps.
  4. It could also be that cpu-z is reporting faulty temperatures.
    105C seems too high for the computer NOT to blue screen...

    Edit: Okay, just read that the air coming out of your rad is cold. My bad.
    Yeah, take it off, clean everything up and re-install it (Make sure it sits flushly). If that doesn't work, there might be something wrong with the pump.
  5. If the air comming out of the rad is cold, there is no thermal exchange going on between the cpu and the cooler.

    You either have poor contact due to fail screwing or the fans are not moving or the pump has failed.
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    bawchicawawa said:
    It could also be that cpu-z is reporting faulty temperatures.
    105C seems too high for the computer NOT to blue screen...

    Check the temps in the bios to verify that it's running hot.
    The temp shouldn't be as high as reported in your OS since the bios doesn't run at full load, but anything over 45-50 degrees in bios with your setup will tell you if it is really running hot, or just faulty temp reporting.

    If your temps are running hot, clean and remount the cooler/cpu and check again.
    If it's still bad, then your pump is probably dead (somewhat common issue with the H80s--have two myself) and you should contact Corsair.
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