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I just wanted to ask, I have laptop with
4GB ram
GeForce MX150
Intel i5 7thGen

Its a MSI GL62M 7RC laptop

I am having problem with FPS while playing For Honor, just wanted to ask if adding a ram to make it 8GB would make it better? Or Should I change my VideoCard?

Btw on task manager it is constantly on CPU60% Memory95% Disk4% and GPU2%
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  1. get gtx 1050ti laptop
  2. It's been my laptop since 6months ago, do I need to buy a new one?or just change the setup?
  3. You'll need to buy a laptop with a more powerful discrete GPU as the MX150 in your current laptop cannot be upgraded, which is why it's vital to buy a laptop which has adequate hardware for your needs to start with.

    Also make sure new laptop comes with 8GB RAM or more (most laptops with 64-bit Windows installed will usually have 8GB minimum anyway, but it's not guaranteed to have so best to check -- I've seen some laptops running 64-bit Windows with just a measly 4GB just so the manufacturer can save a few quid, which is appalling.
  4. Thanks, however would upgrading ram would help a little bit?Cause I dont have a problem running 150-170FPS when playing paladins. Just having problem with For Honor which runs Averagely around 30-60FPS while I tried Rust around 10-20FPS
  5. Thanks for the answers, done I added additional 4GB to make my ram at 8GB
  6. mark.lacerna24 said:
    Thanks for the answers, done I added additional 4GB to make my ram at 8GB

    I don't know why were they so engaged with changing your laptop, the MX150 performs great in nowadays games, obviously not at high settings and resolution in games with top graphics but you can play anything, in the worst cases with 720p/768p resolution in low, but you'll be able to play at a good framerate.

    However 4GB of RAM is a really short amount as Windows 10 takes lots of RAM. My laptop was originally W7 and 4GB and its performance improved greatly when upgraded to 8GB. With 8GB you are fine, even medium-end desktop PC gaming are good with 8GB. Anyway you should check the programs in the background because 95% memory usage and 60% CPU usage constantly (I think you mean idle, with the game closed) is too much usage.
  7. Thanks Phazoner, actually having 8gb ram allowed me to play rust at a minimum setting at 50-60fps. Playing paladins have no issues now as well as For Honor. While Idle now it runs at less than 10% for both cpu and memory. Thanks again for advice
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