Gtx 1050-Ti - OC Edition (Zotac)

I have a doubt that will my pc be stable and can able to play games like fortnite.gta 5 and etc..
or even my new graphic card will work on this old motherboard?? The specs of my pc are given below:

- Processor: i5-2400
- GPU: Gtx 1050-Ti OC Edition (Gonna buy)
- Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1

Thank you!
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  1. Should be fine. Ensure your PSU is up to taking an added gfx card.
  2. Wdym by added gfx card? ("added")
  3. I think he's asking if you have a PCI-E free.
  4. Yes. If you didn't have a gfx card before this planned one (using the CPU's onboard gfx), make sure your PSU can take the added power requirements.
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