Installed New RX 580 Armor OC and games keep crashing

I'm pretty new at PC gaming so please bare with me. I used to run this setup:

Athlon x4 880k
R9 370
MS 7900
4x2 ddr3 1600
520w 80plus PSU
WD 1tb

I used to play siege, gtav well on low/medium settings until I installed my new rx580. The night of, I ran siege at 100fps high but since then, I've only been able to play one round and then the game just closed. Same with gtav. The game will load but switch to a black screen shortly after.
No error or anything. Discord simultaneously closes. I've tried a clean driver install, checked my PSU and it seems to be fine, although I've read some would recommend 600w. I just really need some help trouble shooting as I have no idea where else to look.
Thanks for all future responses.
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  1. occt for psu stress test and the 580 have power plug in from psu .
  2. how do i perform a stress test for my psu? also i just turned on and played siege just fine. is there any reason why this isnt a consistent problem?
  3. psu brand?
  4. yea whats the brand of your power supply Antec,corsair seasonic are good brands
  5. Seasonic 80plus 520w

    I'm beginning to think it may not be a PSU issue. I played a terrorist hunt round perfectly with no issue.
    It seems only to affect me after 15mins of gameplay. Later, I logged on to check the forum and my PC froze in chrome. The symptoms were very similar to what I described earlier.
  6. I checked my event viewer and I found multiple faulting application name errors which coincides with the crashes. If someone can take a look at this other post I made, it would be really helpful. I just don't know if these errors are a cause of my PSU, memory, or GPU.

    Thanks again.
  7. i would suggest you recheck all the files for these they might be corrupted inthe same time use datal lifeguard diagnostic to test the hdd .
  8. Turns out the drivers for my old r9 370 weren't uninstalled properly despite the clean wipe install option being utilized. On my new build, the card works fine and there are no issues. Look for a program specific to deleting old drivers.
  9. use ddu .
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