If i use dsr to raise refresh rate, will it affect refresh rate?

So im debating getting a 1440p 144hz monitor or a 1080p 240hz monitor.
But i recently discovered dsr and how it lets you bump up your resolution to a higher one, but will this affect refresh rate?
My plan would be to get the 240hz and bump it up to 1440p and/or 4k, would i keep that 240hz refresh rate?
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  1. You are not really understanding how those technologies work. DSR does not bump your resolution to a higher one, it renders the screen at the higher resolution then scales it down to the resolution your monitor runs at, acts as a way to improve quality but at a pretty big cost to performance, like a good quality anti-aliasing at the cost of higher stress on the system. The Refresh rate will stay the same.

    If you don't have a higher refresh rate monitor it won't hurt you to get one, then you can play around with it and see what settings you like that work with your system.
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