GTX 770 not producing 5.1

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So I have a GTX 770 video card wired up to a Denon-3808CI receiver via HDMI. Im on a 990FX motherboard I am not receiving 5.1 for some odd reason. I am not sure if it is the video card or the receiver. I right clicked the audio icon and setup for 5.1. "Allegedly" I see the receiver sees the 5.1 signal via the 5.1 icons. I have tried every configuration possible and the only two that gives me anything out of my rear speakers is "matrix" mode on the receiver, which from the description takes stereo and guesses 5.1 and 7ch stero, which is pretty serlf explanatory. I am using Kodi, which has all the plugins and codecs to do lossless audio in its true form. I am using lossless .iso format for playback. Kodi recognizes the audio formate as DTS-HD 5.1, I did a test on the audio from windows and I hear the typical test come from all speakers respectively, as they should. So, when I do the test it sounds fine, but when I put on a movie I get stereo. Can anyone tell me why?
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