Bought a new GTX 1070 for $265

So I managed to get this for $265 for a new build that I was planning on buying a 1060 card for. But it’s a blower style card.

How bad is the noise? I’ve never used one of these and the videos online don’t really tell or show me much. I can see that it’s loud when the fan is running at 100% but what does it run at on average? Is this worth keeping?
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  1. $265 is a hell of a bargain for a 1070 blower or not. It is louder and hotter, but from my experience with blower cards, the sound is not unbearable. You can always lower the fan speeds slightly and let the 1070 run at hotter temperatures. Just keep it below/around 85C
  2. Or you can resell it and get a better 1070 for a bit more money. You should be fine with the FE but there's the noise and I've read some complains with temperatures which you will rarely see with any custom.
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