Need graphics card for my pc

I have a PC with the follow parts and I need a graphics card to be able to play games such as the call of duty black ops 4, blackout and fortnite

Intel I3 8100
Gigabyte H310M-S2H
8GB DDR4 2133mhz
500w Power Supply

I don't know much about what will work good without any issues with my pc but I was originally thinking of a gtx 1060

My budget is £150-200 GBP (maximum) please suggest what would work best with my pc within that price range thanks.
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  1. Yea you got it right. Gtx 1060 or rx 580
  2. Agreed, 1060.
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    1060 3gb for £183 + p&p

    Ideally you would get the 6gb version of the 1060 but I doubt you will find on in budget. The 6gb not only has twice the vram but is a little faster as it has more Cuda cores. 3Gb is also the bare minimum these days.
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