Can Sapphire Nitro Rx 480 8GB be Crossfired with XFX Rx 580 8GB Black edition?

I have "XFX Rx 580 8GB Black edition" running on my system. I have a spare "Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB" lying around as well. All I need is a motherboard that supports crossfire (with 2 PCIe slots ofcourse). So can I run them together in crossfire? Would I need a bridge? Would it be Worth? or should I just sell off the Spare Rx 480.
Also I have recently purchased CX 550 (Grey series) PSU. Would that power both the cards?

Oh and I am running eyefinity, 3 monitors.
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  1. You can crossfire those cards yes.

    However most new titles have minimal dual gpu support + a cx550 is not enough to run 2 x 200w gpu's anyway.

    So no, its not worth doing.a
  2. Yes, you can. They're essentially the same card, you can even mutate the 480 into a 580 but there's absolutely no need. Very different AMD cards can be crossfired. Anyway crossfire and sli configurations are mainly a headache (not all games are compatible, some will perform worse, some will stutter...) and your PSU is definitely insufficent. And I think you would need the bridge but it should be included with the graphics card.

    And Sapphire is a cheap brand, just sell it now what AMD cards are overpriced, you can even sell both cards and get a better Nvidia card (Vega AMDs have troubles with power draws). If you have a Freesync monitor just sell the Sapphire and wait for 7nm AMD cards coming next year.
  3. While they are essentially the same GPU, the 580 is still 10% faster than the RX480 - and as said, not many games support Crossfire nor is your PSU good enough to run them both with the rest of your PC. You could make it work anyway by downclocking both cards so that they don't go past 300W cumulated (it's possible by setting both cards to reference RX480 frequency and voltage, and then downvolt them some more), but then you'd lose performance in all games, you would need a well-cooled case, and you need a new motherboard anyway.

    So no, not worth the hassle considering the handful of games that'd take advantage of such a setup. Just sell the Sapphire.
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