I buy zotac gt 1030 but when I install in my CPU and on the power of cpu after 1 min my cpu stops and again restart idk what t

Pls help me in this situation my CPU specs is mother board-ecs H61H2-M2,ram6gb,450w Intex PSU, processor-intel Pentium g640...
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  1. Probably power supply is not good enough to run the card. You can try to check for a newer BIOS for the system, if that does not work, I'd try another good power supply. I like the Seasonic M12II models, modular, good quality and cheap after rebates since it's an older model

    If you can't get that model for cheap, the the Corsair MX models are usually more available outside the US and would be good to get.
  2. I had never heard of Intex PSUs until now, that right there is enough for me to think you can't troubleshoot anything in a worthwhile way until you get yourself a power supply known to be of at least average quality.
  3. Intex PSU's are one of the worst. They can fry you entire system at any time. Go with some reputable brand like corsair/seasonic/antec/coolermaster.
  4. power supply failure
    Question from alanwalker0789 : "Does intel pentium g640 2.8 ghz processor support zotac gt 1030 graphics card"

    I have intel Pentium g640 2.8 ghz processor but idk zotac gt1030 support my processor pls help
    Question from alanwalker0789 : "I have intel Pentium g640 but idk which motherboard is compatible with it"

    alanwalker0789 said:
    I have intel Pentium g640 2.8 ghz processor but idk which motherboard compatible with it and which motherboard support gt 1030 graphics card pls help

    Unfortunately, it's easier to say which CPUs are compatible with a given motherboard.

    The CPU you have is of socket 1155. Here is a list of currently available motherboards with socket 1155 CPU sockets and have at least one PCI-Ex16 expansion slot. The majority (if not all) of these motherboards should support the Intel Pentium G640, but you would need to check the CPU Support List for any motherboard you think you might want to verify that processor is supported.

    CPU Support Lists are found on the motherboard manufacturer's support web site.

    -Wolf sends
  7. And stick to one thread, btw.

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