Installing a GT 1030 - Do I uninstall my integrated graphics?

Hey guys so I have an HP Elite 8300 SFF - this one:

I'm installing a GT 1030 graphics card:

I read that the previous graphic drivers are supposed to be uninstalled before I install the new graphic drivers for the new GPU. Is this true for Integrated graphics? Any advice? I have Intel HD Graphics 2500. Thanks!
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  1. no man you dont need to uninstall anything, that would be the most stupid thing you can do to your pc.
    its plug in and install the graphics for the 1030 from the nvidia website thats all.
  2. dont uninstall your internal graphics you brick your pc permanently.
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    Not true; leave the old drivers installed. They are trivially small.

    Modern windows is perfectly happy to run with multiple graphics drivers.
    You see this in laptops where the integrated adapter is used to conserve battery life, and the discrete chip is used for maximum performance.

    Graphics adapters(integrated or discrete) all have a default low res mode that runs without any drivers at all.
    That is how you can install the appropriate driver to get the full resolution out of your display.
    Do not worry.
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