Aorus Rx 570 smart power led blink occasionally

I have Rx 570 Aorus 4gb DDR5 my psu is seasonic s12 II 520 watt 80+ bronze. My question is white led above the power socket of the GPU blinks randomly for 1 to 3 times then stops. This happens most often when I am not playing games. When playing games this happen rarely. But no other problem games are working fine, no crash, bsod. According to gigabyte website white led blinking means abnormal power supply. Should I rma my psu, I have another psu Corsair vs 450 with that the issue of white led not happens. one more thing for 10 days I was using the same psu with this GPU but at that time there was no such issue, how is that possible in 10 days. Is there a possibility that the led blink is false indication. Rma process is difficult one as this psu is not causing any bsod lock up, and I have monitored with hwinfo that the voltages and +12 v voltage is also at 12.03 at Max load and 12.384 at idle. No other GPU has smart power indicator besides gigabyte g1 and aorus cards so how would I convince to get a replacement. Please guys help me. I am getting paranoid one more thing currently I am using Corsair vs 450 with it and I have set power limit of 100 watt in Radeon software for the GPU so is there any risk in using vs 450 with Rx 570 as vs series is not up in the quality.
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