GPU no signal, fans max speed

Screen turned black, fans to the max. Can't get any signal out of the gpu anymore and fans go so fast they get hot in the middle, back of the card completely fine!

everything looks fine except tmpin5 and tmpin8 that go from 0 to 127celsius.

auxtin1 and auxtin2 very high.

PC works fine on igpu. Reset windows, no change.

Edit: If it's just the gpu gone bad, Why do I still have impossibly high temps runing without dpu?
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    You probably burnt up your GPU.

    The fan indicates this to me running on high RPMS

    Your best bet would be to buy thermal paste and try taking the card out/apart and re-applying paste
    to the card and re-assembling.(and try not to move the pads from the chips also)

    Try to be easy with it and you should be fine, it's most likely dead now so the worst would be it does the same thing and you wasted 10-20$

    Buy MX-2, it's very forgivable if it spread and contains no metal.
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