GPU fans not spinning and no signal- all other fans spin

Hello all, I posted about this issue a couple of weeks ago, and I still have the same issue (and no working PC). I built a custom PC about 3 months ago, and it had been working great. I unplugged the HDMI that connects the monitor (HP 22cwa) to my PC to test something out with another device, and when I finished I returned the HDMI to the PC and monitor, but there was no signal on the monitor and the GPU fans were the only fans that didn't spin. My motherboard does not have a speaker so there are no beep codes to help me out. This is also my first PC, so I don't have another build to test parts in.

My specs are: Ryzen 3 1300X, Gigabyte Geforce GT 1030, 8 GB Patriot Signature Line 2400 Mhz RAM, Asrock A320M-DGS motherboard, and a WD Caviar Blue 320 GB HDD

When I first sought help for this issue, I unsuccessfully tried all of the troubleshooting tips available out there: unplugging and replugging, switching the sides of the HDMI cable, resetting CMOS, getting a new CMOS battery, testing HDMI cable and monitor on another device (they work), and taking out and putting back the GPU.

Since none of these worked, I sent the GPU to Gigabyte, the manufacturer. They recently returned it as-is to me (after a waiting period of about 3 weeks from the time I sent it) and said that they had conducted tests on it and found nothing wrong. I also contacted the support staff of the motherboard manufacturer and have followed their instructions for troubleshooting with no success.

Any help is appreciated :)
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    Hi again, I just wanted to update and say that I managed to work through ASRock's troubleshooting tips for the motherboard once more before I was going to ship it off to the manufacturer. As I was going through the steps, I realized that I had not detached EVERYTHING from the motherboard, as they had said to do, as the power supply was never disconnected. When I fixed this error, the PC came back to life!

    If you have a similar problem to this, here are the instructions I got from ASRock to troubleshoot the motherboard:

    Please trouble shoot the mainboard with known good components and monitor.
    · Turn the power off, unplug the power.
    · Remove all components from mainboard except CPU and cooler (memory, VGA, HDD/SSD, USB devices, etc..).
    · Clear the CMOS (see below image), adjust the clear CMOS jumper on mainboard 1-2 to 2-3 for 5 seconds, and then adjust back to 1-2 position.
    · Reinstall 1 x memory module firmly on A1 slot, (test with another known good memory/other slots if it’s same issue).
    · Connect power supply’s 24 + 4 pins ATX power.
    · Install discrete VGA card firmly with 6+6 pins PCIE power (if applied). Try on another PCIE slot if it same issue (if there's an available slot).
    · Plug monitor to VGA card output (set appropriate output source).
    · Connect the computer case’s power switch to mainboard (Panel1).
    · Plug the power back.
    · Turn on the power to check if it gets the screen post (AM4 boards only- please allow minimum 45 seconds for first time posting).

    Good luck!
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