GPU gives blank signal *URGENT HELP REQUIRED*

Hi there, I'm writing this out of desperation as some one might help me out. I've been experiencing a weird issue with my pc lately. The pc turns on fine, the keyboard lights up the mouse lights up, num lock responds everything works but the monitor is blank. It's not exactly black so the black screen issue fixes did not help me. I have a gtx 1060 3gb mini itx oc. I have ruled out the PSU and RAM problem. I have changed my psu to a antec 550w 80+ platinum and the ram is fine as well because I can boot with the IGPU. I have tried everything. If someone can help me out in this please comment below.

Many thanks
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    Try another known working monitor cable.

    Try another monitor on your pc.

    Try your monitor on another pc.

    Determine if the problem follows the monitor or stays with the pc.
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