Can a power supply replacement fan be used for a M-ATX case fan?

A friend gave me an unused 135mm x 25mm LY Evercool power supply replacement fan(which I don't need to use in my current power supply) and am wondering if I could use it on the back of my tower where the 92mm intake/exhaust case fan currently is? I have 3 other case fans installed(all are 200mm-one exhaust through the top, one in front and the other on the side panel-in my CoolerMaster Storm Sniper S) and that fourth one is 92mm on the back. The power supply fan has a black and red wire attached to the 3 prong motherboard clip(not molex) to go onto the motherboard. So, can I install it in the back without causing any problems? I thank you all for any responses.
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  1. There's nothing really special about case fans. A fan is a fan for the most part. With the PSU fan only have two wires, it likely will only run at one speed constantly. Just make sure you connect to pins 1 and 2. The 3rd pin is used for monitoring or speed control, I think.
  2. Thanks Phaelax. Going to try it.
  3. You might have some problems size wise, if the case is drilled for a 92mm fan you are going to have to drill extra mounting holes for the new fan, especially as 135mm isn't a standard pc case fan size.
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