Fx 4300 only shows 2 procssers

I'm installing AMD FX 4300 quad-core in the MS config under Advanced options only shows two processors everywhere I look even in the device manager only shows two supposed to be a quad-core can anybody help why I can only find two processors
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  1. that's normal for the way the chip is made. it is basically 2 dual core chips put together. but the pc identifies it as 2 "cores" when in reality 2 "dual core modules" is more accurate.

    been a common question since those chips came out. google "fx 4300 true dual core?" and you'll get tons of hits going back years.
  2. @Math Geek most utilities (such as device manager) will list logical cores, so an FX 4300 should still show up with 4 cores even if it is being treated as a 2C/4t CPU.

    @csavoia157 has it always been like this? Did you upgrade recently? Did you do a clean install of windows whenever you first got the FX 4300?
  3. ya i upgraded two days ago and u mean formatting the hard drive? and then install windows? i just reinstalled windows and deleted windows old
  4. cpu z and blustacks only show 2 cores
  5. No, you shouldn't have to manually format the drive, doing a full reinstall of windows should be enough. What was your previous CPU?
  6. amd athlon ii x2 270 3.4
  7. Just realized, if you did a clean install of windows you wouldn't have a windows.old.

    I sort of misspoke. You do have to format your drive, in the sense that doing a clean install of Windows will involve blowing away the partition(s) where Windows was previously installed. So backup all your data, run the windows installer from whatever installer media you have, and then when you get to the point where you're choosing partitions delete all your current partitions (unless you had your drive formatted such that you had a separate partition for your data, in which case you could keep that).
  8. ill give it a try
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