Wondering how much wattage I need

I’m getting an rtx 2080ti and I was wondering how much total psu wattage I should have for it and my cpu on average. I would have a 2080ti and an i7-6700k 16gb ddr4
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    I would run a decent 650w in that setup.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I would run a decent 650w in that setup.

    Alright I got a 750w and I’ve asked before is a 6+2 pin the same as an 8 pin but everytime I ask I get like indirect answers asking about how much wattage I have instead of answering my question but I’ve come to the conclusion that it it?
  3. Yes, 6+2 is an 8 pin for a GPU.
  4. A 650W great quality PSU will suffice.

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