Looking for best ram under 80

I am using a ryzen 1500x, rx560, and asrock ab350m pro4 MB. I currently have 2x4gb 2133 memory. It feels bad. Looking at 2666 and 2800 memory on Newegg. A few look decent but memory is something I never fully understood. These I looked at, or is there something better. Would a 2400 though cheaper still be a decent jump up from 2133.

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  1. What is your current ram? Before you spend money on a new kit of the same size, try to see if the 2133 ram will overclock to 2666 manually. Loosen the timings to 16 16 16 36 or 16 18 18 38.

    16 GB of 3000 on sale for $120 for 7 more hours

    Double up and faster speed for 50% increase of your budget.

    Either 2800 should work, the tighter timing one slightly overvolts and is a little more expensive.

    2133 to 2400 not worth it in my opinion. Factory rated to use 2666.

    The premium product is 3200 cas 14 but those are over $200 for 16GB
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