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I'm looking to play the Black Ops 4 game on my PC but when I went to check if I could run it I saw my PC was up to standard for everything except for the minimum amount of VRAM, it says I need 2 gb of dedicated video RAM but I only have 1, is it possible I could still run it without making any upgrades to my PC?
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  1. Vram alone is not enough to tell, list your full specs.
  2. Geforce GT 720
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20 GHz
    11.95 GB RAM
  3. Got that from the GeForce Experience
  4. The GT 720 will not be capable of running that game.
  5. I'm able to run games like Destiny 2 no problem it just doesn't look the best, could I maybe be able to run it but it doesn't look the best?
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    Destiny 2 is an older game.
    You can try, but considering the min specs are listed as a 1050, its doubtful.
  7. OK
    Question from ajoseph0413 : "Do I need the recommended amount of dedicated VRAM?"

    ajoseph0413 said:
    I noticed that Just Cause 3 is on sale on steam so I checked to see if I could run it, I found out I was up to the recommended specs for everything except I didn't have enough VRAM, (recommended amount is 2048 mb and I have 1 gb), will this be an issue or would I be able to run it without much trouble?


    You are likely to have performance issues, usually having the minimum specs doesn't equate to an enjoyable experience. You might want to look at upgrading your gpu
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