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i had recently bought a new pc case that didn't have any dvd caddy or any brackets and i also dont have any USB pen/flash sticks so i tried installing windows 7 on the ssd using another pc which worked fine, it booted up and everything but now when i move the ssd to my main pc (removing the old hard drive before hand) the ssd won't boot, it will start loading windows then do a very quick blue screen then turn off, when i try to do a repair it doesn't work. Is there any way to fix the problem?

If it helps i can use my old hard drive as the primary boot and the ssd as the secondary boot so i have access to the desktop/downloads.
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  1. You need to install windows on the correct hardware to avoid driver conflicts, when you install it on another machine it loads the wrong drivers for your other PC. Windows 10 is a lot better at this but it can still have the same problem sometimes.

    Get an external DVD drive or a flash drive, they are cheap and come in handy. Or if you have a drive but just nowhere to install it you can sometimes find a way to sit it next to the case and connect it up temporarily just to get windows installed
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