I think I fried my power button header

I was building a retro socket 370 computer and I replaced the thermal paste because that stuff was really old. When I plugged it back in, I couldn't turn on the computer... I tried different power supplies and buttons but it won't work. I know that the motherboard still works because when I replaced the clock battery it turned on for a few seconds then turned off. Is there any fix? Is there anyway to turn on this computer now?
(Edit: also, the header still outputs a LED light but no power)
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  1. try using reset button or short the pins with a screw driver see if the mb turns on.
  2. I tired doing both. No power
  3. new clock battery cause a post??
  4. Yeah, its a very odd motherboard... But after awhile I got it to boot... Kinda. When I plug it in, it does turn on but it shows no display and I can't turn it off with the power button
  5. try pulling the gpu and use one ra mstick see if onboard video is working.
  6. Alright, I did both and removed all the pci cards but nothing. It still powers on without the power button and has no display even with the on board video. The fans are running and I heard the disk drives power on but I don't see anything else.
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