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I will build my first PC and I need some advice. Here's my target spesification:
Ryzen 5 2600
Radeon RX 580 8GB
Asus EX A320M-Gaming Motherboard
Corsair DDR4 Single 8GB
SGT SATA 1TB Barracuda
FSP Hexa + 500 H2 - 500 PSU
Samsung 24" LED 24F350FHEXXD
Is there suggestions or anything that can make this PC better?
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  1. get B350/B450
    single stick will hinder ryzen performance a lot, get dual
    no ssd?
    psu is junk
    budget and country?
    Major usage?
  2. I will Add more 8 ram, but first I'll buy single. I'll buy ssd later too. What's better PSU for that spesification? Don't be too expensive
  3. add second stick later may not work with the first stick.

    budget and country?
    Major usage?
  4. I'm Indonesian. Just for Gaming I think
  5. Money you want to spend?
  6. More than $800
  7. Best answer
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