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I am trying to run the freeware version of Nikon Elements on an HP Laptop. It's a Pavilion 15t-bc000.I've downloaded and installed the software several times (always with admin privileges) from It always reports a successful installation, but never runs. The error message says "Could not open driver." Windows 10 sees the camera (it's a Nikon DS-Fi3 camera head for photomicroscopy) but indicates a driver error. When I update the drivers with Windows, it tells me I'm already running the best drivers. The tech who installed the paid version of the software on a Dell owned by the college where I work tells me it is a port issue. The software requires USB 3.0 ports. I've tried connecting to the two SS ports on the laptop with no luck. Device manager tells me those ports are running as USB 3.0's, and working fine. I'm using the USB 3.0 cable that came with the camera- the one that works fine on the other computer. Any suggestions are appreciated, and I hope I'm asking this in the right forum. Thanks.
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