Plugging psu into surge protector with the switch off

If I use a surge protector and turn said surge protector's on/off switch off. Will whatever I connect to the surge protector still be grounded(psu)?

Or in another way to say it. Does turning the on/off switch off on a surge protector turn off the grounding for whatever is connected into it?

My surge protector (when the switch is turned on) indicates that my outlet is grounded. Only when I turn the the switch off it doesn't indicate whether or not it is grounded (this is probably due to the fact that no electricity is going through the surge protector)

So my main question is this. Does the ground wire get blocked from the appliances plugged into the surge protector, when you set the switch on the surge protector off or only other two prongs?
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    Question from altrotmg20 : "Will your surge protector still be grounded if you turn the switch off"

    So my surge protector indicates whether or not it is grounded and protected (which my outlet is). What I want to know is, do surge protectors cut off the ground wire as well as the power when you turn the switch off? Or does it leave ground and just cut off the power?
  2. Devices are still grounded when the switch is on the off position.
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