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I am very new to PC gaming, so i purchased a Cyber power PC. It is a good start for my adventure.

The only problem I have with the machine are 1. Lack of SSD and 2. the case fans.

I want to change the Case Fans, but came across something that I am unfamiliar with. The PC fans are not wired to the MOBO. I followed the wires to what looks like a 3 pin connector. there are two wires (black and red) that goes to a larger connector. Which has four slots with a cap.


If it possible to change the fans? if so, how do you do it?
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  1. Yes, you can change the fans. Whether or not you can connect all of them to the motherboard depends entirely on the model of motherboard you have. Regardless, there WILL be some fan headers on the motherboard and if there is not enough for all your fans you might need to also obtain a PWM or voltage controlled fan hub, depending on what type of fan headers your motherboard has available and what type of fans you get.

    Some fans are four pin PWM and some are three pin voltage controlled. Currently your fans are using adapters straight off molex connectors from the power supply which is a poor way to do things but is very common for crappy prebuilt companies like CyberpowerPC and iBuypowerPC.
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